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Pearls, gold and...

A goldsmith - that's more than just the beautiful things in the shop window. 

Whether it's handcrafted  from the store workshop, a repair or personal advice  - Uhl Schmuck handles  all issues relating to your jewelry and antique metals.

In einem Damenring, der rundum mit Diamanten bestückt ist, fehlt ein Stein

for example:

* Rework the ring from the Grosi.

* Wedding and engagement rings.

* Gift for graduation.

* Pierce ears.

* Wedding rings have become too tight.

* Turning inherited jewelry into something completely new.

* Gold bracelet too big.

* The ring no longer goes over the ankle.

* Setting gemstones.

* Polish up worn jewelry.

* Restoration of antique metal parts, such as fittings on antique books

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